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"Welded Tube Company"

Benteler Rothrist specializes in the development, manufacturing, and global marketing of welded tubes. We offer customers the perfect combination of experience, technological expertise, and the ability to develop individual solutions for structure, fluid technology and shock absorbers/shafts segments. Our solutions are particularly valued in the automotive industry, but many other industries also rely on the quality of our precision steel tubes.

We offer more than just tubes: our specialty is tube solutions to meet the highest demands – we act as a development partner to support our customers. Our three production plants, serving as a welded tube manufacturing network for fast and efficient knowledge transfer, ensure a continual development; and with an international logistics system, we are optimally equipped to deliver. All this means you get the right product, when and where you need it.

Benteler Strength

Our Strengths:

  • Welded (dimensional range: 4 mm to 120 mm) and
  • Welded drawn precision steel tubes (dimensional range: 12 mm to 130 mm)


Tube Solutions for structural parts

High strength, low weight, innovative manufacturing technologies and cost reduction along the entire value chain: as structural parts, Tube Solutions by Benteler perform load-bearing tasks in a wide range of applications for different industries – with the right tube properties for the task at hand.



The highest performance for reliability and safety

In this product range, we offer our customers tube-based drive shafts, camshafts, transmission and prop shafts, as well as special safety products like airbag tubes, tubular shock absorbers, and hydraulic cylinder tubes.