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Federtechnik Wire Springs


Federtechnik Wire Springs

Engineering and Construction

Federtechnik is specialists in customer-specific engineering projects involving punched and bent parts as well as sophisticated wireforms for small, medium and large batch series. With its construction department, tool manufacture and prototype construction, Federtechnik is able to offer their customers an optimum product development.

Federtechnik's spring components are highly stressed components that are crucial for smooth operation. Be it punching, bending, coiling, pressing, welding, assembling or the like. Federtechnik machinery is state-of-the-art.

Federtechnik Strength

Our Strength:

  • Punching and bending machines with up to 100 tonnes of cutting pressure
  • Eccentric and hydraulic presses with up to 100 tonnes of cutting pressure
  • Automatic high-speed punching presses
  • Electronic spring coiling machines
  • CC1 machining centre
  • Various special machines for circular spring elements
  • BalTec machines for prototype construction
Federtechnik Springs Types

Wire Springs

Best springs

Compression springs, Extension springs, Torsion springs, Bent wire components, Wrap springs, Special parts (Copper coils, Conveyor spirals, Endless coils)

Leaf Springs and Punched Bent Parts

Leaf Springs and Punched Bent Parts

Best punched parts

Punched bent parts, Punched parts, Moulded sheet metal parts, Flat spiral springs, Disc springs, Special parts (Tolerance rings, Torsion bars)

Assembly Groups

Assembly Groups

Specific solutions to the automotive industry

We offer advice, development, construction, prototype manufacture at short notice and in-house tool manufacture

Drall Fix


The quick fastening system

Drall-Fix© - The quick fastening system for additional insulation layers